Pacific Northwest Construction Bid

An Architect Bid Construction Project Raymond J. Bartel Architect & Planner. We provide bidding contractors with the technical details of your construction project in Pacific Northwest which results in accurate bids based on your requirements.

Raymond J. Bartel Architect & Planner 3D Rendering

Professionally Supported Plans Improve Construction Bid Process

We offer Architectural services reviewing your costs while considering all safety concerns and quality control issues; such as:

  • Water infiltration
  • Energy factors
  • Structural integrity
  • Sound value and serviceability

How does Architectural Bidding Work?

The bidding process basically reveals the overall construction cost. Prequalified contractors will compete for your project after a construction assignment is announced and invitations to bid are sent out.

We will assist you in evaluating which bid is best suited for your project type, a negotiation procedure will take place to ensure that your money is being well spent.

How Contractors Handle the Bidding Process

Many contractors tend to base their bids on estimated costs, without even the slightest or understanding of the specifics to your particular project.

We will provide comprehensive documentation that can be reviewed for more accurate bids. When Raymond J. Bartel Architect & Planner manages the construction bid for you, contractors are compelled to base their bids on our professional findings, resulting in a sound values.