I am a Registered Design Professional with significant experience in Architectural Design and Building Envelope Science. As well as general design and construction oversite; services include forensic analysis, building restoration, envelope restoration. Such work can be used for remediation, repair, maintenance and/or insurance claims and if necessary litigation support for plaintiff or defendant.

Clients include Wyndham and Wyndham World Wide, Greenbrier and the Furman Family and Washington County Community Action. We have also performed consulting services on new projects such as Pronghorn in Bend and have assisted National Manufactures such as Degussa with product warranties.

As well as design and construction administration -- services include analysis, documentation, repair and maintenance of existing facilities. We identify, solve, and at times prevent problems.

We are proficient in wall assembly engineering, including relationships between occupancy use, energy value, and moisture phase. Studies include water leakage, condensation, structural failure, mechanical failure, mold and mildew contamination and other problems related to the design and construction.

Architectural Services include new construction, restoration, correction, maintenance and repair. As a Registered Design Professional services include construction drawings, bid solicitation, construction observation, and contract administration. Expertise also include Permit Coordination, OSSC, ADA, IBC, NFPA compliance reviews and Post Construction Warranty inspections. Diagnostic work complies with American Standard Testing Methods, ASTM 2128, which is the nationally recognized protocol Building Systems Performance. A systematic approach assures a factual report that can be understood by other building professionals.


  1. Qualifications:  Raymond J Bartel
    Raymond J Bartel Architect and Planner
  2. Profile:  1972 to present
  3. Experience:  Multifamily / Commercial / Hospitality / Institutional / Design – Inspection – Oversite – Testing – Repair – Litigation Support
  4. Education:
    Bachelor of Architecture
    University of Oregon / Professional School of Architecture

    Teachers Assistant / Structural Engineering
    University of Oregon

    Clackamas Community College – AutoCAD Technology Portland State University – Geology, Soil Development and Characteristics Harvard University/Graduate School of Design - Building Envelope
    Principles of exterior envelope design and their application to products and building systems.
  5. Registration:  NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards)
  6. Licensed Architect: