Pacific Northwest Architects

Raymond J. Bartel Architect & Planner seeks to integrate practical architectural solutions through a variety of services that include:

  • Construction documents
  • Construction bid and negotiations
  • Construction project management
  • Building condition assessment
  • Inspection, Oversite, Testing
  • Contract preparation
  • Litigation Support

Cost Effective and Efficient Building Project Plans

Committed to design, Raymond J. Bartel Architect & Planner that strives to add value Pacific Northwest through use of sustainable materials and our dedication to maintaining the highest industry standards.

Working with us at any stage of your construction project helps Raymond J. Bartel Architect & Planner you achieve the most cost effective and exclusive architectural designs that meet the needs of your commercial or residential projects from start to finish.

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Zoning, Building Code, and Fire Codeapprovals:

We have multi state licensing and are resisted with NCARB – National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. This allows reciprocity and registration throughout the United States and most countries.

Inspection – Oversight - Testing:

As a Building Owner, Home Owners Association or Building Management Company, you’ll notice that overseeing a construction project can prevent water leakage, condensation, structural failure, mechanical failure, mold and mildew contamination and other problems related to failure to complete or follow design and construction standards.